April 24, 1983- May 27, 2010

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Wolfcreek.  Wolf died Thursday, May 27, 2010, while playing in the turnout.  Apparently he wanted to show the youngster in the other turnout he still had the speed of a racehorse.  He died instantaneously, so he felt no pain. At 27, he looked great and was still fit and very happy.  He enjoyed surveying his property every day. Part of his daily routine included playing (perhaps teasing is a better description) with the horses in their stalls; romping through the cross country course; rolling in the freshly dragged dressage arena; and catching a drink when the turnout arena was open.  He was still giving lessons, both in the ring, on the trail, and to the horses in their stalls. He gave a lesson to Alyce Wednesday afternoon and was looking forward to jumping with Ann on Saturday (yes, I know he was).  I don't know how I will run Goldspirit Farm without him!  He was my partner and friend; he will be missed.

Susan met Wolf in March of 1994 at Hunting Creek Farm.  Barb Fagan knew they would be perfect for each other, and she was right!  Together, Susan and Wolfceek competed from training level eventing to intermediate eventing.  They completed a CCN* at Showpark and rode at the CCI** in Radnor.  They showed through second level dressage and many jumper shows.  Before become an event horse, Wolf raced 60 races, fox-hunted and was tried as a Grand Prix jumper.  He truly did it all.  And his favorite thing:  running Goldspirit Farm....or perhaps more like running around Goldspirit Farm.

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