Show Results

August and September 2019

So proud of Joanne Belonsky!  She made her debut at training level eventing at the August Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials and finished in the ribbons on her dressage score!  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur made the move to preliminary on her horse, Dogmatic.  However, he wasn't jumping right so she retired on course.  Dogmatic was sore in his back.  He was treated by a veterinarian and is back in top form!

At the end of September, We went to the inaugural TNT jumper show in Thousand Oaks.  What a great show!  Margaret Breard did her first show with Goldspirit Farm, and her first since she was 12!  She rode Dogmatic and jumped double clean!  Anya Olsen rode her new horse, Baloo.  We had no idea how he would be, but he was wonderful. She even ribboned in one of her classes!  Kit Schneider rode Goldspirit Farm's Good Girl Pearl and won one of her classes!  Jen Scofield won one of her classes as well!  She also rides one of Goldspirit Farm's horses, Top Gear.  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur rode in the 3'3" and 3'6" classes jumping clean and winning both classes.  It was so nice to see everyone have so much fun and boost their confidence with their amazing riding.  It was so nice to have Talyor, Jane and Yeva come out for the entire day to help, cheer everyone on, and of course, eat!

Check out our videos on our you tube channel at :  Jumper show 2019!

here are some pictures from the day...the phone doesn't get good action shots; but takes great camaraderie shots!


2019 Summer 

The hits just keep on rolling!  In June, Susan Friend LeTourneur and Joanne Belonsky competed at the Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials.  They both were in 12th place after their dressage in training and novice, respectively.  They both went clean on cross country to move into 7th place.  They both had a rail in stadium, but hung on to their 7th place finishes!

In August we have three schooling shows on the calendar!   We attended the El Sueno Derby on august 3rd.  Anya Olsen and Kit Schneider did their first horse show, complete with cross country!  They rocked at beginner novice. I am so proud of their accomplishment to finish their first derby course at a show!  Jenn Scofield also competed; her second derby, and first with Goldspirit Farm's horse, Top Gear.  She also completed at novice!  Joanne Belonsky schooled training level since she is moving up at the August Shepherd Ranch horse trials.  She was having a great ride, but a slip in the corner near the end of the course caused a fall of rider.  She is fine and ready to compete again!.

Good thing, because we found a little jumping schooling show at Hansen Dam On August 10th.  What a great little schooling show and wonderful opportunity to practice!  Jenn Scofield jumped the .8m; Joanne did the .9 and 1 meter and Susan did the 1 and 1.1 meter on Moose!  Check out our videos!  Jumpers

2019 Spring

Joanne Belonsky made it to her first horse trials!  I was so honored to help her out at her first show!  We attended the Twin Rivers Horse Trials in April.  She entered Novice and finished on her dressage score!  Way to go!

Finally!  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur was able to compete!  Dogmatic and Susan competed at open training at Woodside Horse Trials in may.  Poor dogmatic was stressed in his stall and susan spent most of her time managing his pacing.  Worried he was not going to be up for competing, scratching remained an option the entire time. however, Dogmatic, loves his job and was a super star on cross country!  Check out his ride!   DogmaticXC


Is it already the end of the year?!   We were distracted by lots of wedding this year!  However, Kathryn Panian and trainer, Susan Friend LeTourneur did make it to two horse trials at the end of summer.  

First we showed at the  August Shepherd Ranch Horse Trails.  Kathryn Panian Rode Marla White's horse, Top Gear in the beginner novice division.  This was only her second horse trials ever and her first with Top Gear.  She did great!  Finished middle of the pack in her first show with him!  Trainer, Susan Friend LeTourneur competed in training level on her horse, Dogmatic, and finished in 3rd place!  While qualified for year end championships, we were not able to make that show.

We did go to the Fresno County Horse Park in October.  What a blast we had!  Both Kathryn and Susan finished on their dressage scores in their respective divisions!  Videos available on our you tube channel.  kathryn at fresno horse trials  and  Dogmatic at Fresno horse trails  Dogmatic and Susan Friend LeTourneur's XC round presented by Ride on Video: cross country

FALL 2017

I am back!  I started by taking Moose, who's show name is Dogmatic, to the Shepherd Ranch Horse Trails.  We finished second in open novice at our first outing in over a year!  Moose and I moved up to Training Level at the Copper Meadows show in September.  We finished on our dressage score.  We qualified for area VI championships at novice level.  So we finished our year at the Fresno County Horse Park Horse Trials.  We finished in 6th on our dressage score.

June 2017

Finally!  I got to show!  Allie Dubin and I went to the jumper show at Camelot.  I won both my classes on Moose.  We did the .9 and the 1.0 meter jumpers.  Allie competed in the speed class of 1M and did the 1.5 M class.    Here is the link to our awesome videos:
Camelot Jumpers



Finally!  It has been a while.  April 30th we had a schooling show at Goldspirit Farm.  I wanted to give those who wanted to show a chance to practice, and for those that do not want to show..a chance to see what it is like.  What a great day!  I am so impressed and grateful for the comradery and teamwork everyone at Goldspirit Farm shows.  We had a number of people compete; what a day!  Here  is a link to the videos:

Goldspirit Farm Schooling Show 2017

Following our schooling show, we headed out to the Paddock Riding Center for a jumper schooling show.  Competing were Kathryn Panian on Callahan, Jennifer Scofield on Peter Pan Can,  Megan Arp on Made in America, and trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur on Dogmatic.  Kathryn,and Jennifer started us off with great rides in the 2'3'.  Megan Arp won the 2'6 class of over twenty people and placed 6th in the 3' class.  Here is a link to those videos:

Jumper schooling show

May and June 2016

They did it!  William and Katie Orchard made it to their first show!    Megan Arp and Kathryn Panian  also showed at the ETI jumper show in May at Stetson ranch.   I am so proud of our riders!  They rode great; they had amazing horsemanship and showmanship skills.  They worked together as a team.  It was a great day. you can see the videos of these awesome riders at:  JUMPER SHOW 

June 2016,  Kathryn Panian did her first horse trials about Goldspirit Farm's horse, Wonder Woman 2.0.  You know her as Savanah.  The pair were awesome and finished in 6th place in the introductory division.  Kathyrn jumped clean on stadium and cross country; and had a blast doing so!   Trainer, Susan Friend LeTourneur, showed her new horse, Dogmatic!  The paid finished on their dressage score in 6th place in the open novice division.

Winter 2016

Finally!   Team Goldspirit Farm made it to a couple of jumper shows!   In February Stacy Morgan and trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur went to the camelot jumper show.  This was Stacy's first would never know!  She was awesome.  Calm, on purpose, and rode great!   She won the 1.0 meters!  Susan showed Peter Pan Can and Billy the Kid.  Peter was a rock star winning the .9M and placing second in the 1.0

In March, Megan Arp and Susan went to the jumper show at Hansen Dam.  Another great show!  Megan Arp and Atlas have only been to one other jumper show; they were showing small jumps years ago.  She competed in the .8 meters and did well!  Peter Pan Can with Susan Friend LeTourneur again won the .9 meters and took 3rd in the 1.0 meters!  Billy the kid was second in the .9 meters.  

We also went the Galway Horse Trials; it was great to be back at an event!  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur rode Dogmatic, an 11 year old TB owned by Jenna Alwine.  This was Dogmatic's first show; he was awesome.  While nervous in the dressage, he did not score as well as he could. However, he jumped clean and brave in both stadium and cross country finishing on his dressage score in the Novice Horse Division.  Here is his video of his stadium round: Dogmatic Stadium Jumping


October 2015

Your trainer, Susan Friend LeTourneur, has earned her bronze medal!  All scores were earned on Can't Touch This, affectionately called Nathan, at home.  His last score was his higest: 66.2%.  There was an article about Nathan and Susan in the October 2015 issue of Riding Magazine.  Check it out: Bronze Boy

September 2015  

Finally!  We made it to a horse trials!  Stephanie Barger and trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur went to the Twin Rivers Horse Trials in September, 2015.  While it was close to a 100 degrees every day; we made the best of it and had a blast!  

June 2015  

In June, A group of us went to Copper Meadows to school cross country and show in the one-day show.  What a great time!  Stacy Morgan won the novice division; Marla White was right behind her on her horse Reese.  Andrea Quitt on Goldspirit Farm's horse Patrick had her first cross country schooling with Patrick.  She was awesome!  Jen Jeske schooled her new horse, Samson.


April 2015

Finally!  we get to a show!  Jen Jeske with her new horse Samson, and trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur with both Peter Pan Can and Billy the Kid showed at the Verdugo Jumper show.  Peter, in his first show in a couple of years, won his first class!  A rail in his second jump off moved him to 5th; but a great effort by a wonderful horse!  Billy the Kid placed 3rd in his class. her first show with Samson nearly won her class!  A few seconds on the clock put her in second; however, she jumped clean! What a fun day!

Fall 2014

Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur and her horse, Can't Touch This (Nathan), have begun showing third level!  At their first debut, the paired earned a 63%; giving them their first score toward their final bronze medal level.  Nathan was obedient and really seemed to like showing off!  However, their second show was not met with such great results.  Apparantly, Nathan is not fond of music in his show arena, or an audience from above.  While Susan ride well, she could not get the tension out of Nathan.  The tension made for some nice extensions in the trot and canter; however, their score was just below the required 60% or higher to give them their last qualifying score for the bronze medal. 

Summer 2014

Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur and her horse, Billy the Kid, made the move up to training level. Billy completed the horse trails at Copper Meadows, Shepherd Ranch, and Twin Rivers

Joining Susan at Twin Rivers was Kelly Artz and her horse, Bordeaux!  They made the move to Novice!  Kelly rocked in the Senior Novice division at Twin Rivers.

Kelly Artz with Bordeaux

Susan Friend LeTourneur also showed her horse, Can't Touch This, in second level dressage at a USDF show at Mission Pacific where she earned another score toward her Bronze Medal!

May 2014

We did it again!  What a super fun and successful show we had at the Galway Horse Trials on May 9-11, 2014.  Stephanie Barger, on her horse Callahan, placed third in her first horse trials at Novice division!  Jen Jeske competed and completed on her dressage her first horse trials ever!  She rode in the beginner novice division and finished just out of the ribbons...not her fault her horse, my horse, Patrick, chose to have a melt down in dressage. Kelly Artz competed in the beginner novice division on her horse Bordeaux.  Bordeaux had problems schooling the water earlier in the year; Kelly rode like a star and steered through the water without issue!  Rebekah Bond placed again in her second horse trials at beginner novice!  she is now qualified for the USPC Kentucky Festival of Championships!  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur finished on her dressage score in the open novice division on her horse, Billy the Kid.

April 2014

My hat goes off to our wonderful team! Jen Jeske completed her first event derby on her dressage score in the beginner novice division on Patrick.  Megan Arp on her horse, Altas, in her second derby, also finished on her dressage score in the same division.  It was so much fun watching them navigate the jump course at the Meadows of Moorpark.  Jen finished in 5th and Megan in 4th.  Stacy Morgan also competed in her first show!  On her horse, Ransom, she rode in the jump only beginner novice and novice divisions.  While she encountered an unfortunate unplanned dismount after fence 11 in her beginner novice division; she jumped clean in the novice division and finished in first!  Videos available on the Goldspirit Farm You Tube channel.  Click here to view: Moorpark Derby

March 2014

Finally!  We made it to a show!  And had a great time at the Copper meadows Horse Trials.  Susan Friend LeTourneur, rode her new horse, Billy the Kid in the Novice division.  Rebekah Bond rode her horse, Sailor, in the beginner novice division.  Kelly Artz rode her new horse, Bordeaux in the beginner novice division as well.  Here is the link to our rides at the show:  Copper Meadows Horse Trials

October 2013

At the Ram Tap horse trials in October 2013, our team members shined!  Stephanie Barger finished in fourth place on her dressage score on her horse , Callahan!  Kelly Artz in her first horse trials with Goldspirit Farm and Peter Pan Can also finished on their dressage score!  Both were competing in Beginner Novice; way to go!  I am so proud of you! Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur rode Marla White's horse, Top Gear, in the Novice division.

stephanie barger on cross country!

September 2013


At the September Copper Meadows horse trails, Carolyn Bahr's rode Novice.  This was the first time her horse,  Playing Hooky, went novice! Junior, as he is affectionately known around the barn was a super star!  Carolyn did a great job riding and the pair finished on their dressage score in 7th place, in a huge class of 25!  I am so proud of my students! 

At the Meadows of Moorpark Derby on September 15, 2013, Ted Craig and Kelly Artz both rode Beginner Novice on Goldspirit Farm horses, Ted Received a 29 on Nathan!  Way to go!  He had one stop in jumping, but otherwise had a great round!  Kelly Artz is new to Goldspirit farm; this was her first show with the team.  She just began leasing Peter Pan and is in the getting to know you stages!  She completed the show with a smile on her face and that is what matters most!

May 2013

Yeah!  What a great show we had the Galway Horse Trials on May 11 and 12, 2013!  Marla Reese completed her first Novice horse trials while showing her horse his first novice horse trials!  That's riding!  The pair finished on their dressage score!  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur completed the preliminary level with her horse Patrick, jumping clean on cross country.

April 2013

Finally!  Stephanie Barger showed her new horse, Callahan!  She showed beginner novice at the Meadows of Moorpark Derby.  She received a 29 in dressage!  A stop at the bank pushed her down to fourth place, but a great day and a great way to begin your show year!

March 2013

Ted Craig is my hero!  Not only did he complete his first horse trials at the March 2013 Galway event, but he did his first horse trials at Novice!  Way to go!  It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with him and his family!  This is a picture of Ted Craig riding Goldspirit Farm's Felix the Cat, whom he showed.  Video of his rides are available at:  cross country at Galway
stadium at Galway, and dressage at Galway, courtesy of Ride on Video.

Carolyn Bahr, Marla White, and Vicki Armstrong were awesome at the March Moorpark Derby!  The three all showed in the Novice division on their horses, Top Gear, J.R's Power, and That's Houdini, respectively.  Marla earned a 22 in dressage and finished in second place!  Carolyn and Vicki finished right behind in third and fourth!  Way to go!

October 2012

What a great time we had at the Meadows of Moorpark Derby on October 14, 2012.  Ted Craig showed Can't Touch This (nathan) in the easy beginner novice division.  Nathan is quite a challenging ride, and Ted made the jumping look easy going clean!  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur showed her horse, Jack's Wild, in his first derby.  He finished in 5th (out of 15) in easy beginner novice on his dressage score of 39.5. Way to go! 

September 2012

Copper Meadows Horse Trials was held on September 7-9 in Ramona California.   What a  great show!  You can see the great rides of trainer Susan Friend and Sarah Wood at :  Cross Country at Copper meadows. You can also go to the Goldspirit Farm channel on you tube!

Sarah Wood and Susan Friend also went to the El Sueno Jumper Show in Moorpark on Setpember16.  What a fun show!  Thank you Debbie Rosen for such a great opportunity to school jumper classes.  If you have not been to an El Sueno Show; check it out!  Here is the video from our jumper rounds: El Sueno Jumpers.

August 2012

Wahoo to Jenna Harris and Sarah Joynt for their great rides at the Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials in Santa Ynez, California.   Jenna showed her new horse, Samson, in the young rider training division. She has had Samson less than two months and completed her first horse trials with a ribbon!  Jenna had a great dressage ride for a horse we were told, "does not like dressage."  She had one steering issue on cross country and one mishap in stadium. Not bad for a horse that is a work in progress.  Great riding Jenna!  Not only has Sarah Joynt not showed in years; she has not even gone cross country schooling in three years.  And yet, her great riding skills and her wonderful horse, Levi, were champs out there!  Only 2.3 points out of first after dressage and cross country.  The first place rider had 2 time penalties and just barely won with a 32; Sarah had a 32.3.  Sarah is a winner in my book; great attitude about showing; super fun to hang out with, and a great horseperson with a wonderful horse!  Thanks for the fun weekend, ladies!

June 2012

Another jumper show, another great time!   Ted Craig and Mona Moayer showed in their first jumper show at the Hansen Dam jumper show on June 3, 2012  Ted Craig started us off riding Felix the Cat and winning his first class!  He nearly won his second class as well; but jumped clean and fast.  What a pro!  Check out his videos, including his go-pro-helmet cam video at our Goldspiritfarm You tube channel or our facebook page!   Mona Moayer also won her first class on Callahan's Lass; she finished third in her second class.  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur ride Callahan's Lass in the 3'3" class and won her class as well!

April 2012

What a great time was had by all at the Riverview Pony Club Fund Raiser jumper show held at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center on Sunday, April 23, 2012.  Megan Arp showed her horse, Atlas, in the 2' division and had 3 great riders earning her ribbons in each class. Nahmi Jones, showed Carolyn Bahr's horse Playing Hookey, in the 2'6 warm-up and the 2'9" prix.  She placed fourth and second!  Marla White competed with her horse, Top Gear, in the 2'6 and the 2'9" classes; she placed second in both classes!  Way to go team!  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur, brought along her newest OTTB, Jack's Wild, for the experience.  Jack has not even schooled an entire course at home, and yet, he was a super star.  He was the division the 18" division.   It's a start!  Thank you riders for your great company and good spirits!

March 2012

The Flintridge Horse Trials and Combined Test was the first recognized horse show for Team Goldspirit.  Jenna Harris lead the team with a win in the Novice combined test with her horse, I Can Do It (Who is for sale!).  Jenna and "gavin" took a break from showing last year; this was their first outing. Way to go!   Lena Bundy, shown above,  rode her horse, Atlantic Roar, in their first horse trial together!   Adding only 3.6 time penalties to their score; they nearly finished on their dressage score!  Lena has been working hard all winter, and it showed!  She had great rides in all three phases, and no jump penalties! 

The Meadows of Moorpark hosted their second derby on March 25, 2012.  In the pouring rain, Ted Craig competed in his first show ever with Felix the Cat.  Ted had a great dressage test, earning a 37!  He finished second in the derby with his clean stadium round.  In addition to competing in the easy beginner novice derby; he did an extra jumping round at beginner novice and was clean and won his class!  Way to go Ted!  Pictured above is Felix with his red ribbon!

February 2012

         Megan Arp and Made in America             
We started out the season at the Moorpark Derby on February 26, 2012.  Randee and Tammee have done a great job improving the footing and acquiring new jumps.  If you have not been to Meadows of Moorpark lately; go visit!  Team Goldspirit  had a great time.  Megan Arp competed with her young mustang, Made in America, in his first show ever!  He was a super star; completely relaxed at the trailer and a trooper in the arenas.  While they still need to work on dressage (doesn't everybody!) they had a great clean jump round and finished on their dressage score.  Lena Bundy competed on both her horses, Atlantic Roar and Spark of Freedom.  Lena finished in second place with Spark of Freedom in novice!  The best part was that she said the jump course was easy; which it was not.  Lena had a great dressage and jump round with Atlantic Roar, but unfortunately jumped the wrong second to last fence and was disqualified.  Yet, she did a great job and I am very proud of both my riders!  Trainer Susan Friend competed with her horse, Kilkenny's Patrickswell in preliminary and finished second.


Check out these results for team Goldspirit at The Event Derby held at the Flintridge Riding Club on Sunday, October 16, 2011. Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur had to wait all day to ride her two horses and then it was back to back riding for over two hours.  She took her horse, Callahan's Lass, in her first show since she was injured last year.  Callahan's Lass jumped clean in the open training jumping only division, and won that division.  Susan also rode her new horse, Kilkenny's Patrickswell, preliminary for the first time.  While the dressage left much to be desired as Patrick clearly had to empty his bladder and was slightly, to say the least, disobedient; he made up for his behavior in the jumping phase.  Jumping clean, the pair won the preliminary division.

But wait, the great results do not end there.... Lena Bundy rode her horse, Spark of Freedom, for the first time in the Novice division.  This course was quite challenging with a  large downhill cabin, a one-stride combination off a tight turn, a ditch, an up-bank, and of course a trip through the water with a jump out.  Lena took it all in stride, jumped clean, and won her division!

Our success started that morning with our three beginner novice rides by Marla White, Vicki Armstrong, and Lena Bundy.  Marla White showed her horse, Top Gear, for the first time in beginner novice.  The pair had a great dressage test, jumped clean and finished 5th in a rather large class of beginner novice riders! 
At the beginning of the year, Marla was not even sure she could show her horse, and now, she is competing in beginner novice! 

Lena Bundy showed her new horse, Atlantic Roar, for the first time at beginner novice.  While she was quite nervous about the unexpected since her relationship with "Calvin" is so new; she was a rock star and completed the course.  It was only one year ago that Lena just started showing Spark of Freedom.  At this show, last year, she only completed in intro beginner novice, and now she showed two horses, and at higher levels!

Vicki Armstrong is our other great success story and inspiration to us all!  Her horse, That's Houdini, used to be quite a handful.  But with great riding and coaching, Vicki has turned that horse into a perfect gentleman on the ground and under saddle at shows.  This was their second show together; the first time jumping at a show.  Vicki, and the other riders, all participated in the jumping clinic on Saturday with Todd Trewin.  This was a great experience and opportunity to practice the course; especially since Vicki and Houdini do not go cross country schooling much.  Vicki was great in her jumping round; jumped clean; had fun; and came out of the field stating,  "that was easy; next time we'll do Novice!"

Part of the making of a great show experience is all the support from Team Goldspirit Farm.  Thank you Ted Craig, Megan Arp, and Carolyn Bahr for supporting our riders and helping with everything around the trailer.  Thank you Lily ( I loved the rose!), Gilles, Bayley and Yemen for coming out to watch and cheer on our riders.  For lots of pictures of the event check out the Goldpsirit Farm facebook page.  Become a fan of Goldspirit Farm and see all the great pictures posted by Megan Arp.

JUNE 2011

Way to Go Team Goldspirit!  We just returned from a very successful weekend at the Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials, June 24-26, 2011.   Marla White was able to compete her horse, Top Gear!  This was the first time she competed on her horse!  It was a last minute decision; she didn't even take him cross country schooling.  Trainer, Susan Friend LeTourneur, schooled him on the course at Goldspirit Farm.  Nonetheless, Marla was a star!  Marla and Top Gear finished on their dressage score in 4th place in the intro beginner novice division!  Also making a debut at horse trials was Carolyn Bahr's horse, Playing Hooky.  Carolyn took her six year gelding thoroughbred in the beginner novice division; they were stars!  Jumping clean in both the cross country and stadium divisions, the pair came home with sixth place in a very competitive division!

Nahmi Jones was able to show both her horses, Simon the Likeable and Scotsman, in the training rider division.  This was the first time she has been able to compete both horses in quite some time.  Her work has paid off; she was brilliant!  Nahmi had clean rides on cross country on both horses.  She added only time penalties to Scotsman dressage score and finished in 7th place.  On Simon the likeable she finished in 4th place!  Lena Bundy had her best cross country ride yet!  She was fast and clean; only she jumped a novice fence at the end of the course instead of her beginner novice fence and gave herself a technical elimination.  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur showed her horse, Kilkenny's Patrickswell and Lena Bundy's horse, Atlantic Roar, in the Open Training Division.  She added only a rail to Patrick's score and finished in 7th place. 

The weather may be giving us June gloom, but the team of Goldspirit Farm is having fun!  Susan Friend moved her new horse, Patrick, to training at the Copper Meadows Horse Trials and went clean on cross country.  Lena Bundy returned to the show ring on her horse, Spark of Freedom and competed at the beginner novice division.  


MAY 2011

What a month of fun! May started with a fun derby at the Meadows of Moorpark where Carolyn Bahr did her first show with her horse Playing Hooky!  She finished on her dressage score in the easy beginner novice division.  The following week, trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur showed her new horse, Patrick, at the jumper show at Camelot.  The pair won the 3'3" division!  Paris Wagner also showed her horse, The Truman Show.  The next week, Team Goldspirit was at the Galway Horse Trials.  Susan Friend LeTourneur showed Lena Bundy's horse, Spark of Freedom, in open training; his first show at training since joining Goldspirit farm.   Susan also showed her new horse, Patrick in the open Novice division finishing 9th out of 21 on her dressage score of 38.5. 

RAM TAP HORSE TRIALS  April 15-17, 2011


    Spark of Freedom, shown above schooling with owner Lena Bundy at Galway, finishes on his dressage score in third place with trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur at the spring Ram Tap Horse Trials. 



    Wahoo Team Goldspirit!  Great fun!  Great Success!  Paris Wagner's first show outing with her new horse, The Truman Show, was a great success!  She finished with 2 seconds and a fourth!  Jenna Harris rode her horse, I Can Do It, in several jumper classes and placed each time.  Susan Friend LeTourneur rode Lawrence Friend's horse, Peter Pan Can, in the 3' jumpers and finished second. 



    Lena Bundy and Sarah Wood, shown above practicing at home, both competed successfully in this year's Flintridge Horse Trials. This was the first show of the season for both riders.  Sarah Wood finished on her dressage score of 36.5 in third place in the open beginner novice division.  Lena Bundy completed her first beginner novice horse trials!  Way to go team goldspirit!

RAM TAP HORSE TRIALS  October 23-24, 2010

Lena on stadium with Chase

    This was a great way to start eventing!  Hayley Easton, riding Laura Thatcher's My bachelor, competed in her first horse trials ever!   As a two-day, she waited all day to do dressage and then had only an hour so before her jumping round.  That didn't seem to bother her!  At only 11 years old, Hayley rode with confidence and calmness.  If she was nervous, you could not tell!  Sunday was cross country day; her first time on a big course by herself.  While My Bachelor thought he was on a training level course for a small part of the time, Hayley did a great job reminding him that intro beginner novice speed is only 300 mpm!  The pair finished on their dressage score and earned a 6th place ribbon!  Way to go!

    Lena Bundy also competed; this was only her second horse trials!  Also competing in the intro beginner novice division, it was a long wait to riding time.  She did great!  She had one rail at stadium, but otherwise a great day. On cross country day, her horse, Spark of Freedom, thought he would exercise his freedom and be barn sour immediately after leaving the start box.  Lena, riding like an old professional and not a new amateur rider, gave him a spack with the whip a  lot of kicks and they were off!  Her watched beeped its first minute before she at her second fence; however, now, Lena understands pace!  She kept a forward, safe pace and finished her cross country ride within the time. Her great riding earned her 5th place over all!  Way to go! 

Flintridge Derby October 17, 2010

    Another great derby day for Goldspirit Farm!  While it rained all day, it did not dampen the spirits of our great team!  Sarah Wood was again successful at the Beginner Novice Division.  She finished on her dressage score and in 4th place!   Hayley Easton, now a veteran at showing with this being her second derby, remembered her dressage test and jump course.  She finished on her dressage score in the Junior Intro Beginner Novice division. Lena Bundy had a great dressage ride and jumping round.  Her horse had a spook or barn sour moment in the middle of the course, but Lena pushed him through and finished the course.  Now that's great riding!  Amy Swanton Mills was super successful in both beginner novice divisions.  She jumped both rounds clean!  She left with two pink ribbons.  

Moorpark Derby September 19, 2010

    Incredible day!  Sarah Wood won the Beginner Novice division on her horse, Tiberius!  This was his first venture into beginner novice.  Their dressage score was 23!  Sarah and Tiberius (Tibby) jumped clean on the fun jumping course to snatch the fist place ribbon!  In her very first show ever (!), Hayley Easton on My Bachelor finished in third place in the Intro Beginner Novice Division. Hayley, at only eleven years old (!) was quite nervous for dressage and still earned a 41; good enough for sixth place!  She jumped clean, and with a great attitude and ride, and moved up to 3rd!  Lena Bundy, on her horse, Spark of Freedom, jumped up a level into Easy Beginner Novice.  She met her goal of  scoring under 40 for dressage; her 36 put her in a tie for fourth!  Her clean jumping ride secured that spot!   Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur rode Terri Lewis-Zenger's horse, H.S. Coalton, in the Easy Beginner Novice.  This was his first derby.  He has never been cross country schooling, save at Goldspirit Farm. He was very brave and bold and jumped cross country clean!  He finished in fifth place. Jenna Harris took a practice ride at Novice to get her and her horse, I Can Do It, ready for the Twin Rivers Horse Trials next week. Way to go team!


    Way to go Team Goldspirit!  In her very first show ever (!) Lena bundy completed the show in the intro beginner novice division aboard her horse, Spark of Freedom.  Thursday, Lena practiced her dressage test with the schooling dressage test.  A great way to get over show nerves!  Lena was a super star on Friday and was in 8th place after dressage.   5,4,3,2,1 and Lena was off on her first cross country ride at a show!  She jumped clean over the entire course.  While she added some time penalties to her score, it was minor compared to her success at completing the course.  On Sunday, Lena looked as if she had been a show jumper her entire life.  She jumped double clean with a great position and quality of canter throughout.  Congratulations, Lena!

Also making a debut in the eventing world was Sarah Wood's horse Tiberius. While a little spooky at home, Tiberius was very at home on the show grounds.  A perfect gentleman in his stall, at the trailer, and in the warm-up and show ring.  Sarah did a great job riding, giving Tiberius a very confident, positive first experience.  Sarah and Tiberius finished on their dressage score in 7th place in the intro beginner novice division.  Congratulations! 



Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials June 25-28, 2010 a real winner for new Goldspirit Farm member Lena Bundy!

Just weeks before the show, Lena purchased Spark of Freedom ("Chase").  He is a 12 year old TB gelding with some experience.  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur showed him in the open novice division.  While a break in the canter dropped their score 2 points in dressage, Chase added no points to his score of 35.  With a double clear cross country and stadium juming, the pair finished in 5th place!

Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur also rode her 13 year old chesnut mare, Callahan's Lass, in the open training division.  With double clear rounds in cross country and stadium,, the pair finished in 8th on their dressage score.  Preliminary is now just a XC school away!

Also competing from our team was Tina Hoover, aboard her new horse, Sunsprite's Destino Mio, in the open beginner novice division.   Her wonderfully moving horse earned a 36.2 in dressage; way to go!  Tina had her first clean cross country round on Destino!  They finished in 5th place.

Our best dressage of the weekend was by Amy Swanton Mills and her horse, Africa's Secret, with a 34.3. The pair was in 2nd place after dressage; way to go!

While Jenna Harris had an unfortunate dismount on cross country when her horse, I Can Do It, was surprised 6 strides away by flowers on a jump; she schooled the entire course on Sunday without incident!  Next show is yours Jenna!


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