Golden Years Dog Sanctuary 


We opened Goldspirit Farm in February 1999.  On the day escrow closed, Susan Friend LeTourneur went to the shelter and asked to adopt the dog that had been in the shelter the longest, and we had our first dog. Cody, was a 2 year old shepherd mix that loved the barn life and was with us for many, many years!                       

Over the years dozens of dogs were literally dumped at our driveway, and sometimes, half dead under our dumpsters. We never turned a dog away.  We kept some; we found homes for others.  All ended up being loved for life.

Somewhere along the line, Susan went to the shelter to adopt a senior dog that was owner surrendered and the golden years dog sanctuary was born.

In 2017, we obtained an excessive animal permit so we could have more dogs.  In 2018 we incorporated and filed for 501c3 status.  We became a non-profit on July 3, 2018. 

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What we do

We adopt senior dogs from the shelter that have been dumped, left as strays, or owner surrendered.  Someone asked us what do we consider a senior dog. That is a little of a trick question as six is old for a great dane,  but only middle aged for a staffie, for example.  Small dogs can live much longer than big dogs, as well.  We look for the older the better and preferably with medical or social issues.  We adopt the the dogs no one wants, no one would consider adopting, and no one wants to love. 

Most of these dogs need some sort of medication for a sickness or to feel and move better.  We have a chiropractor that regularly visits and treats our senior dogs.  You would never know by the spring in their paws that the average age of our dogs is 12!

Susan, in addition to running Goldspirit Farm and the dog sanctuary, volunteers at the Los Angeles County Castaic Animal Shelter. She fosters kittens, hospice cats, and at-risk ("feral") cats. The veterinarian and food bills on these kittens and cats can add up quickly sometimes.  While the shelter provides some food, often they need special food.  And while, the shelter does also offer some veterinarian care, lab work, and many other needs of these cats can not be met by the shelter.  In the past, Susan and her husband Paul, were absorbing the costs. now, your donations can help make these kittens and cats healthy. 

People ask if it is difficult to give up these cats and kittens we foster.  They all touch our hearts; some more than others. However, it is our job to save them, care for them, socialize them, and then find them forever homes where others get the joy these animals bring.

If you would like to volunteer at the Golden Years Dog Sanctuary, Please contact Susan at 818-636-1522




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