Our Horses


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 Preliminary Corner at Galway   dressage at Copper Gallop on!

"Felix" is a 1995 Thoroughbred gelding.  Goldspirit Farm has owned him for eight years.  Susan has trained and competed him from Novice to Preliminary. While quite a character on the ground; he is all business under saddle.  Felix loves his jobs as both a competitor and lesson horse.  Felix is quiet enough to start a new rider on the lunge line and schooled to give experienced riders a great lesson in the dressage or jumping ring.  Felix is available for a half lease!



Moose came to Goldspirit Farm with his owner Jenna Alwin in November 2015.  Susan started his training in eventing; Jenna rode him at eh Galway Fundraiser and then Susan showed him at Galway and Copper meadows.  In the summer of 2016 many life changes brought a change to moose's owner. In July 2016, Jenna sold Moose to trainer Susan Friend.  Susan showed Moose novice in 2016 and is looking forward to moving him up to trainin in 2017!  


 caliathome   caligallop novice

"Cally" is a 1996 Thoroughbred, but a chestnut mare.  Goldspirit Farm has owned her since November of 2006.   Before that, she was in training with Susan.  Susan started showing her in 2010.  She completed one novice and two training level events.  She has schooled preliminary but due to soundness issues has become a lesson horse. Cally is everyone's favorite lesson horse.  She is super fun to jump; quiet enough for those just starting out, and skilled enough for the advanced riders.  She is also available for a half lease!



Patrick was Susan Friend LeTourneur's competition horse at preliminary!  He is an imported Irish Sport horse that has competed in preliminary and completed several CCI* with his previous owner. He was a great lesson horse for all levels!  He was leased by several riders until one rider just had to have him!  Linda Diaz purchased Patrick in 2016 and they are living happily ever after at Goldspirit Farm!  


 Training at Copper   dressage at Woodside Gallop on!

"Nathan" is a 1997 Thoroughbred gelding.  This is the horse on which Susan Friend LeTourneur earned her USDF broze medal.  You could say; they both earned the medal!  Goldspirit Farm has owned him since November of 2006. Before that, he was in training with Susan.  Prior to becoming a dressage king, Susan showed him in training level horse trials, and schooled Preliminary level.  He still jumps and is currently schooling fourth level dressage.    Nathan is very sweet, super quiet on the ground and always a gentleman.  He is used for riders on all levels. Come practice your jumping skills or acquire new dressage skills.  Nathan is available for a half lease!



Billy is the love of the barn! He is a gray 2003 Thoroughbred gelding with the heart of gold. Purchased by Susan Friend LeTournuer in January 2014; susan trained him to be her next event star.  The day after she bought him, she took him to Galway to see what he thought of cross country.  She competed him in several novice and training level events as well as jumper shows.  He is now a barn favorite for lessons, but wait your turn....Jessica is leasing him now!



Savannah is our newest member of  team Goldspirit Farm; purchased in March of 2014. She is a 1994 OTTB; she doesn't have a clue she is 21!  She has won the hearts of pony club and adult riders!  She loves her now home at Goldspirit Farm where she is treated like a chestnut princess should be!  Savannah is a wonderful lesson horse: patient with beginners; advanced enough to jump three foot courses! Her previous owner still comes to Goldspirit Farm to ride Savannah!  She is one lucky horse!



Nicky is Susan Friend LeTourneur's new project for 2016!   She is a 2009 OTTB that did not like to race. hopefully she will like eventing! Susan purchased nurse Stephanie, now Nicky, on new year's day.  As of January 22, Susan has 3 rides on nicky.  Nice gaits!  Can not wait to have straightness so I can jump!



Lily is an elegant 2006  warmblood/thoroughbred mare owned by Kathleen Trachte.  Kathleen purchased Lily in the summer of 2013.  Kathleen is having a great time jumping this wonderful mare!  She has schooled her cross country at Meadows of Moorpark, and is looking forward to competing in eventing! 



Christy Enderson has a new best friend!  This is Graesan.  She is a stunning 2002 Hannovarian mare.  She is super fun to ride, with lovely gaits and a great temperament. It is great to see Christy riding and smiling and having fun!  Grasean is schooling second level.  She is currently being half leased by Katharina Ropers.


"Leo"  is a wonderful 8 year old 17+ hand Canadian Warmblood owned by Mona Moayer.  Mona purchased him in the spring of 2016 to do jumpers.  She is currently having a blast teaching Leo dressage and jumping the moon!  Can't wait until we go to a show!



Atlas and Megan Arp moved to Los Angeles in September 2011 from Seattle.  They pair are loving southern California weather!  Atlas is a true American Mustang, rounded up by the BLM and purchased by Megan two years ago.  Atlas is five years old and very smart for his age!  The pair are working on basic dressage and jumping.  Now that Atlas sees that jumping is better from engagement than speed; you should see his knees when he jumps!  



Callahan is a super sweet Thoroughbred gelding.  This is Stephanie's first horse for eventing.  What a great horse to join the sport with!  He has competed through training level eventing.  Stephanie had her second cross country school ever with Callahan (how else to try a horse!).  Stephanie has competed Callahan successfully at beginner novice; schooled training; and is showing novice in 2014!



17 hands and only four years old!  She will be a bigger girl when she grows up!  Lucy was purchased  by Stephanie Barger in May 2016.  She was never at the track, but barely started under saddle.  When we tried her, she bucked several times with Stephanie, but we also did her first jumps!  Lucy is Stephanie's project and is learning fast!  She is a talented horse; watch out for her in 2017!



Welcome Taylor Miller to Goldspirit Farm!  in February 2015, Taylor shipped her super talented horse from the east coast so she can play in California!   Grover is a 17 hand thoroughbred gelding that has competed in eventing.  We are looking forward to showing on the west coast!

Knight Seeker


Welcome to the family, Dominique Fourguette and Knight!  Dominique has owned knight for 3 years.  She currently does dressage, and we are going to teach him to jump!  The pair came to Goldspirit Farm in December 2015, and in less than  month, together we fixed his fears of bridling, haltering, begin caught in turnout and blanketing!  Looking forward to 2016!



Peter is a 2002 appendix Thoroughbred owned by Lawrence Friend and Susan Friend LeTourneur.  He is a wonderful horse that aims to please!  Susan Friend LeTourneur has shown him through training level eventing and 3'3" jumpers.  He is currently offered for sale.  See more on our for sale page. 


Welcome Brianna, Sandy and Moonshine!  Moonshine is a 2010 saddlebred owned by Brianna.  Sandy and Brianna are friends with Dominique; they heard what a great job Susan did with Knight and they had to move!   Before coming to Goldspirit Farm, Brianna was told she could not ride her horse.  That changed!  Moonshine is now learning dressage.



How adadorable is this!  This is Apollo, AKA Lucky Charm.  This is the first horse for Katie and William Orchard!  Katie and William are currently D-2s in pony club, and just about ready to take their D3 exam!  Apollo is an 9 year old pony.  They are having a blast on him!  Their mom, Karrie, is also riding him and jumping him. It's a family affair; I think apollo may be the most spoiled horse in the barn!  He deserves it!

J.R.'s Power


"Junior" as he is affectionately known at home is a 2005 17 hand Chestnut gelding owned and loved by Carolyn Bahr.  Carolyn purchased him as a very green 5 year old; what a great eye she has for athletic ability!  He is now schooling training level dressage and jumping 3'6" courses.  Junior is a super star!  He has a great attitude about work and great form over fences.  he will be a superstar in the show ring; watch out! Carolyn has taken him cross country schooling and has shown him at Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials.  More shows coming this year!



Reese is a 2006 stunning Black Bay thoroughbred.  He moves like a warmblood and has a very sweet quiet temperament. In fact, when Marla White purchased him, they thought he was a four year old; later they found out he was barely three!  He is very willing, able, and super talented.  He is excelling in his eventing career.  Marla rocks in the show ring!  She has shown in several derbys and completed her first Novice with Reese at the May 2013 Galway horse trials.  Trainer Susan Friend has schooled him training..he is super fun!




This is the horse some people thought was mis-matched for his owner, Rebekah Bond.  Just ends up it was his training that was mismatched!  Sailor is a super talented and athletic 2001 TB gelding.  14 year old Rebkeah Bond is now having a great time on her wonderful horse!  She has completed her C-1 Pony Club rating with him. She did her, and his, first horse trails at Copper Meadows.  They finished on their dressage score and earned a ribbon!



"Ferly" is a 1989 Thoroughbred gelding.  Goldspirit Farm saved him in the summer of 2011.  He is a kind horse with previous jumper experience.  He is great with beginner riders and loves his work on the gallop track!  He has won the hearts of all students at Goldspirit Farm.  Ferly has been retired to Northern California where he has 200 acres to roam on with his new friends!


 robby1   robby2 

"Robby" was amazing; 30 years old and we still could not trust him not to buck or bolt!  He was a great dressage lesson horse in his last years!  Robby was a 1983 Running Quarter horse gelding owned by Emily Malseed.  Emily purchased him when he was three years old!   He was quite the star in the Hunter ring in his younger days.  Now, he is a star in the dressage ring!  We lost our beloved Robby in October 2013.  May you play in the fields with Wolf and Reggie!



True Colours is 17.2 hand, 2000 gelding owned by Gordon Armstrong.  It is so fun to watch these two jump, as both are fearless, athletic, and talented!  The pair school up to 3'6" at home.  Gordon gets the award for most use of our cross country course as he often plays with True Colours jumping everything in sight; and looking great doing it!  It is with sadness that we report that True lost his valiant fight to cancer in September 2013.




"Reggie" was one of our first boarders at Goldspirit Farm in 1999.  Christy Enderson has owned Reggie since 1996.  He is a 1988 Morgan gelding.  Reggie is a super jumper with the cutest form over fences.  He enjoys his jump lessons and zooms around the gallop track.  As a 2002 colic surgery survivor, Reggie and Christy are enjoying their time together to the fullest!  It is with great sadness that we have to share that Reggie died on September 3, 2011.  He is greatly missed at Goldspirit Farm, and we hope he is running free with Wolfcreek on the other side of the rainbow.