Barn News


What an amazing and busy, crazy summer!  We went to horse shows and schooling shows, and cross country schooling.  We had lots of great new people join our barn.  Most exciting news....Anya Olsen purchased her first horse!  Baloo is billy's half borhter; both are Cee Tizzy babies.  Like Billy, Baloo has a gret personality, is sweet as can be, easy to ride, lovely gaits, and gorgeous. I am so happy for anya! 

May 2019

Jane bought a horse!  I love seeing life long dreams come true!  Welcome Axiom to the barn. He is a nine year old holsteiner/trekehner gelding that has competed through training level eventing. Conratulations!

April 2019

What a bash!  Hope you made it to our 20th anniversary open house and fundraiser for our senior dog sanctuary.  Thanks to the over 100 people that came to celebrate, we received over $3000 in donations for Golden Years Dog Sanctuary.  If you have not checked out Goldspirit Farm should!  It is in tip-top condition and ready for you and your horse!

March 2019

Every month, the Castaic Animal Care Center does a spotlight on one of its employees or volunteers.  This month, Susan Friend LeTourneur was the volunteer of the month.

Volunteer of the month

February 2019

In between all the rain, we had some amazing lessons this month!  The footing held up so well, that we rode every day after the rain.  

February 23rd is our 20th anniversary at Goldspirit Farm!  Check out the article in Riding magazine about our accomplishments!

Our 20th anniversary!

January 2019

We are off to a wonderful start of 2019!  The first weekend of January, trainer Susan Friend Letourneur and students, Megan Arp, Jennifer Scofield and Joanne Belonsky, went to the Fresno County Horse Park cross country event fund raiser. It was fabulous!  We rode in the rain on Saturday, but that did not stop us from having a blast! Sunday the weather was perfect.  Susan schooled preliminary for the first time with Moose.  Joanne and Jennifer did nearly the entire training course!  Megan and atlas rocked everything they jumped, not literally!  The dinner Saturday night was amazing and delicious; thank you John Marshall for hosting such a great diner!  Here is the link to our cross country rides: Cross country video.

The third weekend of January we found ourselves at Galway Downs for their fundraising event.  We had two great days of cross country riding with no rain (It rained the entire week before, however!) Trainer Susan Friend Letourneur schooled Moose over the Preliminary course; what a sport he was!  Kit Schneider rode Billy the Kid and did a fabulous job at her first big schooling!  Kathryn Panian rode Reese and tackled the novice, and some training, with ease!  joanne Belonsky rode her horse Buck; what a great pair they are!  check out all our videos! Cross country at Galway

December 2018

Susan Friend LeTourneur was awarded with the Concourse Complet Trophy by the United States Eventing Association at their annual meeting on December 7th, 2018, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This award, which is not awarded every year, is given to an individuals for going above and beyond and for heroism.  Lisa Erikson, a student at Goldspirit Farm sent a letter to USEA outlining the events that took place that terrible morning, hoping Susan would be honored for one of the awards they advertised on their facebook page.  After reviewing her letter, and because they were aware of Susan's efforts during the fire from her article in the USEA news, they decided to award her the Concourse Complet Trophy for her outstanding heroism during the fire. The award was also given to recognize all individuals who battled the flames and saved their horses, their pets, and/or their property during all the fire storms in California in 2018, and perhaps, 2019.  Susan'a Parent, Paula and Dan Voorhees, took her to New Orleans to attend the banquet at the USEA convention and to sight see for a couple of days.  

End of Summer 2018

Congratulations go out to Goldspirit Farm riders: Krista Sornborger, Megan Arp and Maura Watson...they all got married.  Not to each other of course, but to wonderful men.  We wish you lots of joy and happiness and times to ride!  As we head into fall we are hoeful for lots of night, and a fun fall and winter. Come join us; we have the best barn!

Summer 2018

Never a dull moment at Goldspirit Farm...even when the temperatures hit 118 degrees!  That was the high on day in July. Not to worry: the horses are quite cool.  The pipe corrals have a great breeze and the temperature there is always much cooler than outside.  The horses in the barn have shade and plenty of air flow, so they too withstand the heat.  As for the riders...well, we just ride very early, wet our hair before getting on and take it easy.  

As for most exciting news: Joanne Belosksky bought a horse! Buck is a wonderful bay thoughbred gelding that has eventing.  He was a little underweight and out of shape, but Joanne is doing a great job of getting him back into shape.  I look forward to seeing out on cross country with him!

May 2018

Grasean had a birthday!  Christy and Katharina threw her a party, complete with champagne, carrot cake and sandwiches!

Spring 2018

Congratulations to Maura Watson on the purchase of Moonie.  To the moon and back is an eleven year old registered paint that has competed through training level eventing.  Marua is doing great learning dressage and jumping; I am very excited for her!

We had our first xc derby of the year at Goldspirit Farm on March 4, 2018. What a fun day!  We started with ground poles; an entire course up and down the hills and in and out of the arena with ground poles. It was a blast!  It was a great way for those who don't want to jump to participate and those that want to jump, to get their feet wet.  For the more serious riders, we tool the level up to training level.  Of course, we ended the day with a great potluck and bbq!  Here are some photos from the day.  Derby pictures for 2018

Trainer, Susan Friend LeTourneur wrote two articles about the creek fire and her experience.  One was in the February issue of Riding magazine; the other in the March/April issue of US Eventing magazine.  To read the full article click on this link: Lessons from the Fire

January 2018

Welcome to 2018!  We started the year with our annual visit to Ram Tap, now Frenso County Horse Park, for some great cross country schooling!  I rode Moose and Stephanie Barger's horse Lucy; Megan Arp rode her horse, Atlas.  We had a blast!  We are off to Galway for their annual fundraiser....more details to come!  here is the link to the videos of fresno horse park: FresnoXC

December 2017

Somehow, I managed to delete my barn news page and all my news from spring of 2015 to now.  So I apologize for anyone who wanted to read all about what we have been up to in the last two years. I am recreating some of the new of this year.  For the rest, let me sum it up:  We have had a great time!  We had many new students and boarders join our family.  We adopted new dogs and lost a few dogs.  We had a few in-house derbys and game days.  After I update this page, the creek fire happened.  I added a whole page about the creek fire including pictures and videos. CREEK FIRE

November 2017

Blue found his forever home at the Golden Carrot in Anza. blue came it our barn in September.  A good friend of mine saved him from being euthanized .  In his younger days he was a super jumper horse.  He had two injuries in a row and his former owner was going to put him down.  My friend decided to take him; however, she could not afford to care for him, so he was left with me. after a few months of hearing "no's" from horse rescues, one said yes.  The Golden Carrot is truly a heaven on earth for  horses.  They are turned out all day in an open pasture that feels like being in the wild.  At night they have their own stalls to sleep in after dinner.  Here is a video of Blue: Blue is free

September 2017

The Golden Years Dog Sanctuary is official!  In September, we received our excessive animal permit so we may have more dogs.  We save senior dogs from the local shelters.  I look forward to becoming a non-profit organization, but until then, will do what we can to help the senior dogs that no one else will adopt.  We will add a new page on this website; until then keep up to date on our facebook page: goldenyearsdogsanctuary  

we are also on instagram now!  both as Susan Friend LeTourneur and Golden Years Dog Sanctuary

Summer 2017

We had  a busy summer selling horses!  Moonshine and Chief were only here for one month before  they were sold to their forever homes!  

Welcome to  the barn Debbie with her horses Alex and Monty.   Monty was at Goldspirit Farm when he first came off the track as a four year old.  He is now 24!  

April 2017

We have kittens!  I have started fostering kittens for the Los Angeles Animal Shelter located in Castaic.  Unweaned and young kittens do not survive on their own at the shelter.  To help save these kittens, the County relies on fosters, such as me, to care for these little guys until they are old enough to be fixed and adopted.  By the end of the year, we will save 31 kittens, including a few moms!  Tons of pictures on my facebook page:  foster kittens

March 2015


Welcome to the family!  This month we are joined by Taylor Miller and her wonderful horse, Grover who was eventing on the esat coast....not any more!  Also new to Goldspirit Farm is Erin Heiman and her 5 year old percheron-pain cross, Waylan.  We look forward to the future!

February 2015

Want to experience eventing? you should have been at the Derby on February 22nd!  We had full length courses from intro through training level....and pouring rain to give us the true feel of eventing!  what a fun day it was!  So excited to see so many riders experience eventing for the first time!  Check out more pictures under the photo gallery!

January 2015

Welcome to the new year!  What a great start to 2015!  The Glaway Fundraiser was super fun and exciting!  Jen Jeske rode Goldspirit Farm's Patrick and had a blast tearing up the novice course...with a few training jumps!   Liz Hill was introduced to eventing; jumping beginner novice and novice with Goldspirit Farm's horse, Cali.  Stephanie Barger rode her horse Callahan around the training course like it was an intro course.  Such confidence along with a great position. So exciting to see the improvement! Trainer Susan Friend LeTournuer had a private dressage lesson and group jumping lesson with Ian Stark aboard her horse, Billy.  That was a great edication!  Always so invigorating and educational to ride with such a master!  

Lessons are in full swing at Goldspirit Farm; many new faces.  We welcome everyone who wants to ride safe, learn, and have fun!  While we were rained out of the first weekend; the rest of the month was busy and fun!  Pony club was a blast; join us for the february dates!

December 2014

It's my favorite month!  With all the holidays, everyone is in a great mood!  Our barn holiday party is in December; my favorite day of the year...because I get to relax and visit with everyone!  I am also excited to look ahead to 2015!  next year will be a great year!  At Goldspirit Farm we have a lot of fun planned from at-home derbys, to pony club days, to travelling to shows, clinics and cross country venues!  Won't you join us!

November 2014

Welcome to the barn: Liz Hill and Cairo!

it is great to have wonderful people at the barn!  Liz is super nice and helpful!  She is a great addition to our family!


Great way to start fall and the best quarter of the year.....  Karrie Orchard and her children, William, Katie, and Colin, celebrate their one year anniversary at Goldspirit Farm. In one year, William (9) and Katie(8) have gone from never being on a horse to passing their D1 in pony club and ready to do their D2.  They both walk, trot, and canter in the arena and in the field.  Now they jump, too!  And, to top it all off, they purchased the wonderful pony, Apollo. Karrie rides also and is quite accomplished in her jumping.  Soon as we can get our calendars synched....I am sure she will be out cross country schooling and showing.  Way to go Orchard family!    


We had a very fun and successful pony club summer camp this summer!  Three fun-filled days of learning about tack, horse parts, horse care, stall cleaning, and feeding.  We finished our camp with a trip the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar where we were able to see many of our native residents up close and personal.  We even got to feed a porcupine! More pictures coming int he photo gallery, but here is a sneak peek at Lexi, Ane, Katie, William, Collin, and Tabi.

Rebekah Bond Went to Kentucky for the pony club chamionships.  She had a great time and learning a lot during the show and at festival after. 

Goldspirit Farm riders, Marla White, Caroyn Bahr, Andrea Quitt, and Jen Jeske all attending the Area VI Adult rider camp at Shepherd Ranch. They had three fun filled days of dressage, cross country and Show jumping lessons.  It was so great to see the teamwork and friendship of these riders, as well as all the riders at Goldspirit Farm. I am so lucky to have such a great group of people to spend my days with! 

Speaking of which.....welcome to the barn: Alana, Jenna, Eliana, Olivia and Susan.  I apologize if I missed someone.  Welcome!

June 2014

And the hits keep coming!  Our own pony club and goldspirit farm member, Rebekah Bond, has been selected for the Camino Real Pony Club eventing team competing in the national finals in Kentucky!    Rebekah Bond, under the training of Susan Friend, has received her C-1 pony club rating, qualifying her to compete with the pony club.  She just began eventing this year; completing two beginner novice horse trials.  She placed at both these events with her horse, Sailor!  We are all quite proud of how far Rebekah has come in her training in the last eight months.  We are all excited to see her complete with the pony club at the Kentucky Festival of Champions Pony Club competition in July of 2014!

Rebekah just received a sponsorship from  Hit Air!  Here she is sporting her new vest!

We also have many new students this month at Goldspirit Farm. Here is our youngest new student, Pilot, in her first lesson: 

May 2014

What a team we have! I am so proud of my riders! Cross country schooling at Copper Meadows was a great success! Megan Arp rode her horse Atlas for the first time on a big course! They schooled the Beginner Novice and Novice jumps! Joining her was Stacy Morgan with her wonderful horse, Ransom. Stacy wanted to skip all the Beginner novice and just focus on novice!  What stars they were! Big wahoo to Marla White for schooling the TRAINING course! I am so proud. Marla's horse, Reese, was great and Marla looked awesome jumping everything! Kelly Artz did a great job with her sometimes disobedient horse, Bordeaux.  He had no water issues this time, but instead gave her a tough time at the ditch. Nothing that Kelly can not take care of!  Her riding has made such enormous improvements in the last few months! You have to when the horse you ride wants to question your leadership!   I had a great time riding my horse Billy and Carolyn Bahr's horse, junior, on the training course.

GAMES DAY WAS A BLAST!  see photos under photo gallery... every had a great time!  we played red light/green light; had an egg and spoon race;  used whips for a duet ribbon race; and  jumped a course of jumps without stirrups!  So much fun!  join us next time!

April 2014

Announcing our summer camp!  Goldspirit Farm is hosting summer camp!  Join us for three fun filled days of horseback riding, grooming, horse care, arts and crafts, hiking, and bird watching!  Less the $100/day; join us for our July session: July 23-25, or our August Session August 6-8. New to riding?  Try some private lessons first!  Contact Susan at 818-834-1272

Another upcoming event:  Games Day!  Sunday May 18th 11 until we finish!  Potluck lunch after!  Come play!  Only $15/person plus $25 for use of a goldspirit farm horse. Unmounted games planned as well!

Welcome to the barn!  Mona Moayer and her horse Derby have moved in!  See more information under our horses.  Mona is a great rider; her new horse is talented, athletic and has a great personality!

March 2014

Life is grand! Check out our wonderful show stories under show results! The new year has brought many new members to Goldspirit Farm!  Welcome to barn Athena, Stephen, Susan, Lynn, Tonia, Kelly, Jasmin, Ellen, Stephanie,and Victoria.  Let me know if I missed anyone!  Enjoy your day! 

We had a great day of cross coutnry schooling at Fresno County Horse Park! Jen Jeske borrowed Goldspirit Farm's horse Cali and did a great job on a catch ride!  Kelly Artz jumped everythign from beginner novice to training on her new horse, Bordeaux.  Susan Friend had a blast schooling Marla White's horse, Top Gear, on the training course. Thanks to Yves Sauvignon for your support!

Reese does the water!

February 2014

In February we created out own fun at Goldspirit Farm!  We had our first derby of the year with a great group of riders! Everyone did a fantastic job!  Andrea Quitt and Margaret Breard had never even taken a cross country lesson and sailed around the intro course!  Christina Chavarria rode her horse miss in that division as well.  Riding in other divisions were Marla White, Stephanie Barger, Mark Kotler, Jen Jeske, Rebekah Bond, Megan Arp.  Pictures coming!

Congratulations to Kelly Artz on the purchase of her new horse Bordeaux!  Bordeaux is an 11 year old Trekahner cross gelding.

In pony club news:  We have our first D-1 students!  Lily Dirat, William Orchard and Katie Orchard all passed their D-1 Rating with flying colors!  We are still hosting pony club days twice a month; come join us for a great time!

January 2014

We are off to a fun and exciting start to 2014! In January we went cross country schooling at Copper Meadows, Meadows of Moorpark and Galway.  Rider Jindra Ryvola has been visiting us from Canada and finished his trip with an outing to Copper Meadows.  Also joining us on their first outing on a cross country course was Rebekah Bond with her horse, Sailor; Mark Kotler on Samson; Kelly Artz on Goldspirit Farm's Patrick; and trainer Susan Friend rode her horse, Jack's Wild, and Marla White's horse, Reese. With the exception of Jack, who is only schooling novice and beginner novice; the rest of the crew had fun navigating the training level course.


The next week we went to the Meadows of Moorpark with Ted Craig, Michelle McGowne, Stacy Morgan, Kelly Artz, Rebekah Bond, and Susan Friend.  I guess we can not get enough fun!  Everyone was spectacular; pictures and videos will be uploaded shortly!

The highlight of the month was the Trifecta at Galway Downs!  Robert Kellerhouse outdid himself with organizing the annual fundraising event with more horses, more trainers and the ICP symposium.  Jen Jeske joined Susan Friend on the cross country course riding Patrick.  You would never know it was her first outing on cross country; by day two, she was jumping training level fences.  Sssh, don't tell her!  Stephanie Barger, on the other hand, wanted to tackle the training level course, and she did it with style!  Check out her schooling on our youtube channel:  GOLDSPIRITFARM YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Thanks to Carolyn Bahr for loaning her horse, Junior, Susan Friend was able to ride in the Pippa Funnel clinic.  That was fun!  Yogi Bresner, the British Team Coach led the training on the ICP symposium.  That was amazing to watch.

One more news to report in January:  Susan Friend has a new horse!  She purchased Billy the Kid, an 11 year old Thoroughbred gelding. He made his debut on the cross country course at Galway, and boy did he love it!


Where is the rain?  Pony Club classes are on the go and super fun!  Our holiday party was a big success, including a surprise birthday cake for Vicki..we won't tell you how old she is!  Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday and a wonderful new year!

FALL 2013

Is the end of 2013 already approaching?   Goldspirit Farm launched its Pony Club Riding Center with their first meeting and a great turnout.  Everyone is excited for our December meeting and the activities on the calendar for 2014!  If you are interested in Pony Club, please contact Susan Friend at 818-834-1272.  

Welcome to the barn Helene Richards and her 13 year old Oldenburg, Royal Ace.  Ace is a wonderful dressage horse!

Also welcome Rebekah and Nancy Bond with their horse, Sailor.  Rebekah is a C-1 pony clubber with the Portuguese Bend Pony Club and has brought her horse to Goldspirit Farm for a tune-up and fun!  Sailor is available for a part-time lease; see more information on our horses for sale page.  Rebekah is quickly making friends and enjoying her lessons on the weekends.

It has not been all fun and games this year.  Unfortunately, True Colours, owned by Gordon Armstrong, lost his battle with cancer in September.  True was a magnificent horse: super athletic, charming, friendly, a regal horse. He will be missed.

In October, we also experienced the loss of our beloved Robby.  Robby, owned by Emily Malseed, was a 30 year old appendix quarter horse that was used by Goldspirit Farm students for dressage lessons. 

Our condolences go out to both the Armstrong and Malseed families!


It has been a great summer!  Lots of new students at Goldspirit Farm; lots of fun activities!  Thank you to everyone for making Goldspirit Farm such a fun place to ride and be!

It is here before we know it!  The weather is heating up and so is the fun at Goldspirit Farm!  Goldspirit Farm has been approved as a US Pony Club Riding Center!  This summer should be fun!

Kathleen Trachte Ross has done it!  Congratulations on the purchase of Lily!  Lily is a great seven year old Dutch Warmblood mare.  Pictures coming soon; have fun with your new horse!


What a great few of months we have had!  Welcome to the barn Sally Romano and her adorable POA, Chance!  Welcome also Mary Davdison and her thoroughbred horse, Bojangles.

Most recently we had Rid-o-Rock visit and remove all the rocks from the Cross country fields and gallop track!  Check out the new footing; it is a dream to ride on!  We are also in the process of giving all our jumps a face lift!  We have purchased new stadium and cross country jumps, and are painting and fixing the rest!  This will be fun!  If you have not visited us in a while; take a look!  Pictures of the completed new cross country course coming soon!

      The rocks from the field!                The Rock machine at work!

Ted Craig with FelixStephanie Barger and Calahan

The new year is here!  Our first outing was a cross country schooling at Ram Tap.  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur schooled her horse, Patrick at Preliminary level with Yves Sauvignon.  The pair were wonderful!  Our highlight of the month has been the Galway Fundraiser.  Ted Craig rode Goldspirit Farm's own Felix the Cat.  Ted was great schooling up to training level!  Stephanie Barger schooled her own horse, Calahan, for the first time since trying him at woodside last year.  What a star!  She schooled all the beginner novice and novice fences!  I am so proud of both of you!  Susan Friend LeTourneur had the opportunity to ride with Pippa Funnel.  what fun!  Goldspirit Farm's Calahan's Lass was the horse she rode, and what a star!  Susan has been having fun using Pippa's arena exercises at home!  Susan also rode Patrick .  He was again a super star at preliminary level; even conquered both corners effortlessly!  Can not wait for the show season to begin!



Here is the link to weather directly at Goldspirit farm!



COMMUNITY TACK SALE! Goldspirit Farm is hosting a community tack sale on Sunday, October 21, 2012  from 8:00 to 12:00. Clean out your tack trunk, your garage, and your trailer. Come join us and shop and sell!  Pre-registration is required for sellers.  Please contact Susan Friend LeTourneur at or 818-834-1272 to register and reserve your space! Goldspirit Farm is located at 12682 Kagel Canyon Road, Sylmar, 91342. Even with a little drizzle in the beginning, we had a great time at our tack sale. Be sure to join us for our next tack sale in March 2013!

August and September 2012

Congratulations to Sarah Wood on the purchase of Diggin' the Blues!  Sarah Wood schooled the entire training course and a few preliminary fences at Copper Meadows when we tried him. Thank you to James and Taren Atkinson for all their great help!

Christina Chavarria brought her horse, Miss, down from Northern California.  What fun is in store for us! 

July 2012

What a great month!  Jenna Harris and Stephanie Barger both purcahsed new horses!  Trainer Susan Friend went to Woodside to school the cross coutnry course with Yves Sauvignon and to go horse shopping.  Jenna and Stephanie both came horse with the horse they most wanted to see up north! 

                               Stephanie and Callahan            
                          Jenna and Samson

In other news, we had a great camp day with Hannah Blank, Lily Dirat, and Andrea Quitt assisting in the fun and riding!  We played tape the part on the horse, and this is the result: 

June 2012

Congratulations to Christy Enderson on the purchase of her new horse, Graesan.  Graesan is a ten year old Hannovarian Mare; pictures coming soon! 

          Christy with Graesan and Susan

At Goldspirit farm, we have a new dog as well.  Clive is an approximately two year old bull terrier mix ready for adoption!  If you are interested in a new dog, please let us know.

Congratulations to Stephanie Barger on her first cross country schooling at Galway on June 17, 2012. 


January 2012

What a great day of cross country schooling!

January is looking like a great month!   Our first cross country schooling of the year was at Meadows of Moorpark on Sunday, January 15.  Doing their very first cross country schoolings were Ted Craig on Goldspirit Farm's Felix the Cat, Mona Moayer on Goldspirit Farm's Callahan's Lass,  SuYoung Sung on Laura Thatcher's Bachelor and  Atlas ridden by his owner Megan Arp.  This group was amazing!  Megan has schooled XC before, but not with her new 5 year old mustang and the other 3 riders have never been on a cross country course.  You would not know!  they jumped all the beginner novice questions, and many of the novice questions.  It was such fun to see them gallop around the course and have fun!  Meadows of Moorpark is a great place to school; Randee and Tammee have been working very hard to build lots of new fun jumps!  Thank you!

Our second cross country schooling was just as successful!  On January 21-22, we participated in the Galway Fundraiser clinic.  Carolyn bahr rode her horse Playing Hookey (junior), Marla White ride her horse Top Gear (Reese) and Lena Bundy rode both her horses Atlantic Roar (Calvin) and Spark of Freedom (Chase).  Marieke and Sarah joined us on Sunday, and Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur toured the preliminary course with her horse KilKenny's Patrickswell.  Carolyn did a great job schooling beginner novice with Junior.  Marla jumped much of the novice course as well as the beginner novice course!  She did a great job finding that balanced canter!  Lena rode her horse calvin for the first time in the field!  She did a great job schooling beginner novice.  On her other horse, Chase, she jumped all the novice fences and even a couple training jumps...including the big log into and out of the water!  way to go!  Marieke and Sarah were great jumping the novice and training courses. 

Success is wonderful!  Congratulations to everyone on great cross country schooling days!


Already, the holidays are here and the new year is just around the corner.  The weather in December has been very hit or miss.  We had a lot of rain on one day and then terrible wind storms.  We lost a few trees, but nothing compared to what the City of Pasadena experienced.  We are fortunate to still be able to ride every day, look at gorgeous blue skies and the magestic mountains of Angeles National Forest.  I invite everyone to look out their window and be thankful for what you see and simply for the ability to see!  If you do not like what you see when you look out the window, try changing either your perspective of your view, or the view itself!  We have open stalls and open time slots for lessons.  We welcome new riders of all levels.  We have a wonderful barn with the nicest people you will meet.  We are family that enjoys life and riding and learning. 

As we set our eyes on 2012 and plan for our goals and wishes for the year ahead, I invite you to do the same.  If riding, showing, doing something for yourself, treating your horse better, or giving yourself a gift of the outdoors is in your plans, come visit Goldspirit Farm and let yourself enjoy life!

On December 15th,  a half starved boxer-mix puppy was dumped in front of our dumpsters.  We rescued Corky who has since been re homed with barn member Andrea Quitt.  Nelly, as she is now known is gaining weight and doing great.  On December 18th, a second half-starved, malnourished, injured female Rotweiller was dumped across the street.  We are currently getting Charlotte back to health.  She is gaining weight, and for the first time in her life, or so it seems, experiencing love and affection.  She is available for adoption.


      Corky- Day One                  Charlotte- Day One           Charlotte-Day Seven

The weather is changing.  We are getting some rain and boy are the trees happy!  No worries about the arenas;  our arenas hold up great during the rainy season.  Rarely is the jump arena unrideable.  Come jump and play!

September started with Susan Friend LeTourneur and Nahmi Jones going on an excursion to woodside California.  Riding in a two day cross country clinic with Brian Sabo, Susan rode Patrick and Lena Bundy's Horse, Calvin; Nahmi rode both her horses Sparky and Simon.  All the horses, and riders, were superstars!

Unfortunately, that same weekend, Christy Enderson's horse Reggie had a bad bout with colic and had to be put down.  He will be missed.  He was a great horse. 

We are now looking forward to the Goldspirit Farm Potluck Holiday Extravaganza in December.  It is time to celebrate life, celebrate our horses, enjoy each day and ride with  a smile!

SUMMER 2011        
Come play!  The summer is not over yet!  The water jump is finished and what fun we are having schooling our horses in and out of the water and up and down the banks!  The deer are enjoying it as well; several have been spotted drinking in the water jump on several occasions!

Welcome to the barn Megan Arp and Atlas!   The pair arrived from Seattle  in September.   We also have many new members: welcome to the barn Andrea, Marissa, Sydney,  Mona, Carson, Lorie, MaryAnn, Christine, Maki and Susan!

As we get ready for the fall season, we are  planning more cross country schooling days.  In August, Nahmi Jones and Susan Friend schooled the preliminary course with Brian Sabo!  What fun!  We can't wait for the Flintridge Event Derby in October; see you there!


The refurbishing of the water jump is almost complete.  The new sand is being put in the dressage arena, and painting of the jumps is underway.  As you can see, June is barn improvement month.  Come join us for a fun day of jumping and cross country schooling.

MAY 2011

We had a busy month!  Brian Sabo gave a jumping and dressage clinic on May 4th.  Many of the horses received their annual dentist check up with Dr. Richard Miller.  The hard work and dedication of the member of Team Goldspirit paid off with excellent show results; see  the show results page for more information.   On May 23, we went cross country schooling again.  This time we practiced at Copper Meadows to prepare for the upcoming show in June.   Nahmi Jones again rode both her horses, Simon and Sparky.  Carolyn Bahr jumped beginner novice and novice jumps with her horse, Junior.  Lena Bundy, only three days back in the saddle after recovering from an injury, looked like a pro on her horse, Spark of Freedom.   Marieke Gaudet again joined us on her super talented OTTB, Alex.  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur schooled both her horse, Patrick, and Lena's horse, Atlantic Roar

APRIL 2011

Super fun was had by all at the Galway cross country schooling day on April 10, 2011.   Shown above is Laura Thatcher on My Bachelor, Marieke Gauget on Alex, Sarah Wood on Tibby and Nahmi Jones on Simon.

February/March 2011
    Junior  Reese                                           
        Junior           Reese         Kilkenny's Patrickswell              

Welcome to the barn!  Carolyn Bahr moved in with her new horse, Junior.  Marla White and her horse Reese also moved in.  Nahmi Jones arrived with both her horses, Simon and Sparky (pictured below).

Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur and Lena Bundy went to Ocala, Florida and Aiken, South Carolina in search of preliminary horses.  Congratulations to Lena Bundy on her purchase of her new horse, Atlantic Roar.  Congratulations also to Susan Friend LeTourneur for the purchase of her new horse, Kilkenny's Patrickswell.

February brought us to our first horse trials at Ram Tap where Jenna and her horse Gavin had a great dressage ride.  The rain made the courses very muddy and we decided that it was better to scratch than risk injuring the horses.

With March came the Flintridge Horse trials where Lena Bundy and Sarah Wood both competed in beginner novice.  This was the first beginner novice horse trials for Lena Bundy with her horse Spark of Freedom.    Sarah Wood finished in 3rd place on her dressage score with her horse, Tiberius.

The February issue of Horse Illustrated is out and Susan Friend LeTourneur has an article about jumping position!  Check out your trainer's prose.  Thank You Vicki and Houdini for being great models!  The March issue of Horse Illustrated is also out with another article by Susan Friend LeTourneur. This month's article is about organizing your barn

January 2011                                               

We're off!  Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur offered her first cross country schoolings of the year at the Meadows of Moorpark on January 9th and the 11th.  Attending the first schooling was Vicki Armstrong, Sherry Hevner-Rygh, Carolyn Bahr, and Michelle Capparelli.  Everyone rode awesome and had a great time with the wonderful footing and great variety of jumps.  Lena Bundy rode in the second schooling, joined by Susan on Felix.  Lena was a rockstar and schooled short beginner novice courses to get ready for the show season.

Don't miss out on our next schoolings: January 22-23 at Galway Downs and January 30th at Twin Rivers.

The February issue of Horse Illustrated is out and Susan Friend LeTourneur has an article about jumping position!  Check out your trainer's prose.  Thank You Vicki and Houdini for being great models!


We have had record rains in Los Angeles, and yet, we have ridden nearly every day at Goldspirit Farm!  Our footing is holding up great; come out and ride!  Now is the time to start getting ready for the 2011 show season!

Just in Time has been sold!  Congratulations to Breanna Foley on her purchase of Justin. 

Welcome to the barn! CeCe Weske and her horse Julian moved into Goldspirit farm in the middle of a rain storm!  Julian is currently being offered for sale; contact Susan for more information.


Congratulations Paris Wagner on the purchase of Truman!  Truman is an imported New Zealand Thoroughbred gelding.  He was at Goldspirit Farm for a few years doing eventing.  Now he is back and he and Paris are a perfect match.   

   October 2010 

Welcome to the barn Just in Time and Peter Gillham.  Just in Time is a seven year old  Fresian gelding.  He is currently for sale. He is enjoying his new in-and-out stall and  playing with the other horses in the turnout.   He is being ridden by Susan and enjoying that as well!   

Shirt and Jacket orders for new Goldspirit Farm logowear will be submitted on              November 1, 2010.  Order your new digs today and show your barn spirit!