Trainer Susan Friend LeTourneur  



"She was a natural from the start," says her first riding instructor."

She started with hunters, winning the reserve championship in her first year of competition. Since 1985, Susan has been involved in training and competing in dressage, jumpers, and combined training, winning several championships along the way.

Now an upper level event rider and USDF Bronze Medalist, Susan has started many young horses in the sport and has competed at the international two-star event level as well. She has a natural talent for working with and training all horses. Her success is attributed to her willingness to offer unconditional respect and love while gently demanding the same in return. Her knack for quickly teaching horses ground manners has facilitated her successes under saddle and has earned her a good reputation as a master handler of horses for grooming and loading into trailers.

A great trainer must be able to identify areas that need improvement and know how to communicate that to the rider. A great trainer must be able to successfully instruct a student on how to physically change their actions, muscle patterns, or posture in order to improve. Finally, a great trainer must be adaptable in her communication to ensure that all students understand what is required or needed. Susan Friend is a great trainer. She has a great eye and wonderful way of speaking, teaching and communicating what she sees, or doesn't see. She has a wonderful assortment of stories and analogies to help the rider visualize and understand what is necessary to improve and be a more effective rider.

In addition to training, Susan also writes magazine articles. She has written many articles over the years on every subject from grooming, to stable and horse management, to safety, to training. Look for her in your favorite magazine; she has probably written at least one article!

Susan loves to teach. It is her passion to assist riders to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives. Her motto for teaching jumping is "RIDE YOUR B.E.S.T. FORWARD." Best is her acronym to help students remember to keep their balance, engagement, straightness, and tempo, while keeping their horses forward.

It is important to Susan that her students learn in a positive, upbeat, environment. She will be tough when she needs to be; however, the focus is always on improvement and learning. Susan considers every one of her students, friends. They are always invited to the many BBQs and movie nights she hosts at her house. Come join Goldspirit Farm, have fun and make friends!